Discover the secret Corsica: the south-east coast


Corsica island is a mountain covered by forests over the sea. For 4000 years it has been a crossroad of routes and people: according to a well-established legend, the island was called “Kalliste” (the most beautiful) by the ancient Greeks. Today, the third largest island in the Mediterranean is a real and perfectly preserved naturalistic paradise, with its wild nature, amazing beaches and bays, badlands, granite cliffs for about one thousand kilometer.


This is the trip plan:


Day 1: we will paddle around Pinarello bay and its red rocks island.


Day 2: we will paddle from Santa Giulia bay to Rondinara bay, two of the most famous Corsica beaches, running along a wild section of the east coast, approachable only by the sea.


Day 3: we will paddle from Rondinara bay to Santa Manza gulf; another day into the wild, between amazing white sand beaches and granite cliffs.


Day 4: we will paddle from Santa Manza gulf, following  amazing calanques and landing in the ancient Bonifacio, where you can still listen to the original medieval Genoise language.


Day 5: we will paddle in the amazing Valinco gulf.


Day 6: we will walk around the Corsica largest lake: the “Etange D’Urbino”, an incredible natural reserve at the edge of the sea.



Accomodation will be provided in  guest-house placed in a local residence in front of the sea for the whole period, with possibility of cooking.
You can reach Corsica by airplane or by ferries.
By airplane you can land in the airport of Bastia-Poretta.
By ferry boat, you can leave from Genoa, Livorno and Savona in Italy and from Nice and Toulone and Marseille in France. The main companies which supply the service are Corsica Ferries, Moby Lines, Corsica_Linea, La Meridionale.


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